To everyone that you contact

Before making an inquiry, confirm the following:
We retain private information of our customers, within the limit of our need.
Please read the following, and click the “Confirm” button upon agreeing and proceed to the next step of inquiry. (* The “Confirm” button is at the bottom of this page.)
We cannot respond to your inquiry if you do not agree to the following.
We also cannot respond should you refuse to provide the necessary information such as your e-mail address.
We will use and control your provided private information according to our in-house Private Information Protection Management System.

Contacts will be made by the respective representative offices,
according to your inquiry.

Use and purpose of private information
The information will be used to respond to your inquiry.
Related private information collected upon inquiry
Inquiry contents, your name, company, department, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc., that are necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
Provision of private information to a third party
Acquired private information will not be disclosed or provided to any third party, unless approved by the actual person, or approved as an exception by law.
Disclosure of private information subject to disclosure, etc.
When receiving request for the notification of the use purpose, disclosure, contents correction, addition or deletion, use stoppage, or partial or complete retrieval of the agreement to use or disclose the provided private information subject to disclosure (hereafter disclosure), YEC will respond within the rational term and scope of the said disclosure of private information, upon confirming that such request was actually made by the person him/herself.
Safety control measures on the handling of private information
YEC will preserve the acquired private information within the scope of use at its most updated contents, and will take the appropriate safety control measures to protect the said private information from any illegal access, defacing or leakage.
Inquiries and requests on private information
Kindly contact below should you have any inquiries or corrections on your private information:
Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. TEL : +81 3 (3413)0501 E-Mail :
Notes on the response
・Our response may be delayed should your inquiry be made on weekends, holidays, or long-term vacations at year-end, etc.
・Please refrain from making any copies or secondary use of your replied contents in whole or partially, without the permission of YEC.

Please click the “Confirm” button below, if agreeing to the above and proceed to the “Inquiry Form.” Should you disagree to the above, please click the “Unconfirmed” button.

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