Development from scratch with an eye to the future
FLAMMA is an ignition coil that finally came into being after strenuous R&D activities by the Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (YEC): A company continuously striving to live up to the distinctive reliability and quality feeling held towards a Japanese brand.
Conventionally, YEC had been a renowned player in the repair parts market, for developing, producing and selling outstanding distributor caps and rotors. Such results achieved over the years generated a profound awareness among the general public towards the YEC brand as a manufacturer of high-quality distributors. Over the years, rapid R&D activities relating to automobile electric components promoted a shift in the industry towards a more effective ignition system. In response, YEC pioneered by developing an innovative ignition coil: A product really desired by the customers in the automobile repair parts market.
Taming the rough road of development, the launch of the FLAMMA Ignition Coil is YEC’s latest achievement that came into being as a result of its long years of accumulated technological know-how in plastic molding and electric component production.
Commitment to Japan Quality
“Japan Quality” still remains a hallmark of trust in the global market. Deriving from the “myths on the exceptional quality of Japanese goods” nurtured over time by continually offering high-quality products, this reputation is an asset that should be proudly retained not only by our company but by all Japanese.
“Continuing to produce good products,” is an easy thing to say, but this needs to be backed by sure technology and know-how. Distributor caps, rotors and repair parts installed in automobiles that YEC has sold to date have also encapsulated “Japan Quality”: A spirit that has been passed down onto our FLAMMA brand ignition coils. The FLAMMA brand is a crystallization of our persistence to come forward with products that have a sure quality, thereby responding to our global customers’ voices seeking “Japanese products even if they are slightly more expensive than others.”
The spirit of producing items that correspond to such high reliability not only derives from our high standard in basic technology, but also from the untiring efforts of our technicians to thoroughly understand and realize this spirit. Consequently, we maintain a superb factory operation system and execute the kaizen activities on a daily basis. The strength of Japanese products produced by Japanese factories lie in such technology-supporting determination. This strength in turn leads to our persistence in the “Japan Quality.”
Accumulating the top technology to differentiate Japan from other countries, and allowing Japanese factories to become the world leader, YEC came out with the FLAMMA brand. Concurrently, it is also accompanied by our determination to deliver the true “Japan Quality” to the world.
Challenge to high quality
FLAMMA brand is the main brand of our company to promote quality improvement that will not die out. Ignition coil that is built up while solving the problem and various failures. There is no end to the challenge of high quality. It is not from the other thought it was adopted assembled in a clean room that does not allow one small dust also to want to send high-quality products. The feedback of the testimonials from our customers, change of material, including a review of the process, and continue to improve every day, FLAMMA brand will continue to provide our customers products with high quality in the future.
JAPAN Quality , JAPAN Pride.
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